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Your mystery and anonymity, Your peace and serenity Are part of the attraction That sways us to action.   You give us clues To point us to what is true. And new eyes To see through the lies.   You gently nudge And do not judge So that we have space To go at our own pace.   You allow dignity for us to find In our own way and time All the treasure that is at our core So the world we...

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There is only a fine line That lies behind What seems to keep you imprisoned. There is no wall of stone That keeps you from being arisen.   The waves you could see no way through, They sweep you away to a better view And the fire you believed would consume, Only clears away for new life to bloom In death, there is no sting or bite Only direction to the path that is right.   It is...

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  I have never been a big fan of game shows, especially the game show, The Price is Right.  I guess its because I never can get the "right price."  And if you don't get the "right price," well then you don't win any prizes, or at least any good ones.  I can't help but relate this to life.  I find myself, as I'm sure many...

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my name is blank on chalkboard

Its the first thing we are given when we are born, and its the first thing we are defined by.  Many times we are given our names because someone else with that name possessed some quality or qualities that our parents admired and wanted to associate us with them.  Our last names are even more defining because we usually have a general judgement about a...

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