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Serenity in the 12

Serenity in the 12

Your mystery and anonymity,

Your peace and serenity

Are part of the attraction

That sways us to action.


You give us clues

To point us to what is true.

And new eyes

To see through the lies.


You gently nudge

And do not judge

So that we have space

To go at our own pace.


You allow dignity for us to find

In our own way and time

All the treasure that is at our core

So the world we will crave no more.


A Higher Power we have come to know,

In this love we continue to grow.

Over to Him we turn our will.

This is what makes life truly a thrill.


When we are here, we feel no lack

Which is why we keep coming back.

This is where we are meant to be

So from our pain we can be set free.



Bobbie Ashley
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