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Only a Line

There is only a fine line

That lies behind

What seems to keep you imprisoned.

There is no wall of stone

That keeps you from being arisen.


The waves you could see no way through,

They sweep you away to a better view

And the fire you believed would consume,

Only clears away for new life to bloom

In death, there is no sting or bite

Only direction to the path that is right.


It is true,

There is a grave within you.

And the pendulum swings deep to bury

But all the more momentum to carry

Through his blood

To freedom and love.


There is restoration for your actions

With equal and opposite reactions,

For even a frown

Is just a smile turned upside down

And just on the horizon in the blink of an eye

His work is finished and a new promise draws nigh.


So whenever you have lost all hope,

When you are at the end of your rope

Remember it is always attached to the tree

That is the source to make you free.

And on that line, his blood flows

So love you can richly  know.















Bobbie Ashley
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