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The Price is Right (always)

The Price is Right (always)


I have never been a big fan of game shows, especially the game show, The Price is Right.  I guess its because I never can get the “right price.”  And if you don’t get the “right price,” well then you don’t win any prizes, or at least any good ones.  I can’t help but relate this to life.  I find myself, as I’m sure many people do, always struggling and stressing to always get the “price right” in life, living life like there is some huge prize, a brand new car or a new living room suite, to be won, and as if that prize is going to make my life better and add more worth to my life, and living in fear of getting the “wrong price” because that would mean my life would be lacking in some way.

I think for most of us the “right price” translates into anything good and right with lots of prizes, which equals a good and happy and prosperous life.  The “wrong price,” on the other hand, translates into bad and wrong with no prizes, which equals a sad and pitiful life.  But what would happen if we lived our lives believing and acting as if  the price is always right?  What if instead of being disappointed when we open door number one and we find a set of dishes instead of a brand new convertible, we are just as equally content with the dishes as the car?  What if we started believing that every door we open will lead us to the place where we are meant to be in life, even if it is different from what we thought we wanted or needed.  What if that set of dishes is what will actually take us down the road to freedom and not a car with the top down and wind blowing through our hair without a care in the world?  What if sadness is actually what we NEED to feel sometimes, instead of thinking we have to feel happy ALL the time?  What if this anger inside does not need to be repressed because it could bring about some positive changes? What if jail or prison is actually what the addict in your life needs to bring them to their knees and find their way in life and help others find their way?

What would happen if we started living this way and stopped judging every situation, every feeling, and every person as “good or bad,” “right or wrong?”  This is what would happen.   We will stop being afraid.  We will stop being afraid of life and all the what ifs.  We will stop being stressed and having anxiety.  We will start having more peace and serenity in our lives, which is really all we ever wanted in the very beginning by always trying to get the “price right.”  We will stop running from our problems and feelings and face them head on, knowing they can never destroy us.  We will start knowing and trusting that God is in control, not us.  We will start seeing through the eyes of God, instead of human eyes.  Most importantly, we will stop asking and hoping for specific things to be behind certain doors and getting disappointed and feeling lack and unworthy when it isn’t what our selfish egos wanted.  We will, like the 11th step of the twelve steps says, pray only for the knowledge of HIS will and the power to carry that out.  We will put our lives and the lives of others into the hands of Gods, as we release our tight hold on them.  We let go. We surrender. We do like the famous words of the Beatles song says….we Let It Be!!  We wake up each morning and go throughout our day with a thankful heart.  That’s what happens when the price is always right. I think thats the definition of freedom!!




Bobbie Ashley
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