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What’s your spiritual blood type?

What’s your spiritual blood type?

I love seeing the connections and parallelisms between science and our spiritual lives.  Somehow, for me, it just strengthens my faith and belief in God.  This morning as I was thinking about how we all have our own ideas about what It means to be a “good” person and to live a “good” life, I couldn’t help but to think about blood types.

Blood itself is a spiritual symbol.  It is the life of our body, and we can give life to others by giving and donating our own blood.  In the physical sense, most of us are limited in who we can give blood to because of our blood type.  However, of all the blood types, O is the universal donor.   So if your blood type is O, you can probably consider yourself valuable.

Although we have no control over our physical blood type, we do have control over our spiritual blood type.  We can’t all have O- blood types physically, but we can spiritually.  Each day, in our interactions with the people in our lives, we are blood donors.  How we see, view, and treat others determines our spiritual blood type.

Some words of C.S. Lewis puts it in perspective for me what it means to have a spiritual universal blood type.  “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  I think what puts most of us in a limited spiritual blood type category instead of a universal one, where we can reach out and give life to everyone, is that we have the mentality that only some people are spiritual.  We have a tendency of putting people into categories, as well as behaviors into categories.  We judge, and we define people based our own limited experiences.  We judge and label everything and everyone as good or bad based on our own experiences, instead of truth.  We do this all the time when we justify our own actions either by blaming someone else for our actions or by comparing what we have done to those we think have done a lot worse things in our opinions, deceiving ourselves that we are better than someone we consider has done something worse, deceiving ourselves that we are right and saved and spiritual and others are wrong, not saved, and not spiritual.  These are lies we tell ourselves because it makes us feel safe.  It makes us feel safe when we put that wall up and put some people on the spiritual side of the wall and those whom we consider non spiritual on the other side.  In reality, the wall we build when we do this only keeps us from freedom.

We ALL have made mistakes in our lives and done things we wish we could go back and change. We all have acted in ways that is the exact opposite of love.  I know I definitely have and will continue to make new mistakes.  But the truth is that all these human experiences we have, all these temptations and mistakes we make are all meant to help guide us to our very core, to make us aware of our own spiritual selves.  And until we start to see that we are ALL spiritual beings with our own journeys that include our own mistakes and twists and turns that are uniquely designed just for us to lead us to our true spiritual nature, then we will continue to be trapped in a blood type that can only reach only those in our little comfortable and familiar cliques.  God knows what each of needs to make us more aware of our spiritual selves.  Who are we to try to play the role of God and judge someone else’s journey? God is always in control. We never have to worry or try to manipulate and try make or force people or situations be what our idea of “good” is.   God knows what he is doing.

When we start seeing everyone as spiritual beings, it will change how we treat everyone.  How we treat others makes evident what our blood type is, whether a limited one or a universal type that reaches everyone, not just those you allow on “your side of the wall.” Whether or not we even have a wall shows what spiritual blood type we are.  How we respond, react, and treat someone who has messed up in life, someone who just can’t find their way, someone who is simply hurting and doesn’t know a better or different way will also show our spiritual blood type.  Do we show compassion and patience and create loving boundaries that are fluid, moveable (just as blood is fluid and moveable), and allow room for forgiveness and restoration to flow or do we create tall immovable walls (like when blood clots and causes health problems)where there is no room for change, growth, forgiveness, and restoration to flow?

Are we going to continue to be satisfied living our shallow, one sided,  greedy, selfish lives, only reaching those whose lives look like ours, or are we going to be spiritually universal and live like Jesus who shed his blood for ALL, not just some.  We are ALL spiritual beings having a human experience.  Lets have patience with our human side and help each other reach our spiritual side. I think that’s the message God wanted us to get from his son dying on the cross.  We all have the ability to allow his life force to run through our own lives and out to others. We all want to feel as though we are valuable, needed, and have a purpose.  When we decide to have universal blood types, we become those things and more.








Bobbie Ashley
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