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Gypsy Soul

I have a gypsy soul.

There is nothing that I own,

And I travel knowing this isn’t my home.

I never know what tomorrow will bring,

But that is why my soul will sing.

For in his will, I know I will be

Forever safe, secure, and free.


I walk on roads paved with stone.

And sometimes I walk it all alone.

Over mountains and  bitter cold,

It isn’t for the faint of heart to have this gypsy soul.

There’s no time to be complacent,

Or to look for a replacement.

A life of luxury I do not need.

Only the air in my lungs and to breathe.


Equipped I always am to solve.

In stillness all my problems will dissolve.

Ensconced with nature

And with my Creator,

My soul can really feel

Each time when I kneel

His presence in the stars above,

In the wind, the breath of his love.

And as I walk upon this earth

I know I am part of its worth.


In the end, I may be spent,

But I want to know that I went

In the direction of my soul

Which is always my true home,

And had the courage to explore And discover

All the truths I did uncover.

And I will soon travel upon roads

That are paved with gold

And be given wings to be

A spirit That is truly free.



Bobbie Ashley
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