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May 2017

I love seeing the connections and parallelisms between science and our spiritual lives.  Somehow, for me, it just strengthens my faith and belief in God.  This morning as I was thinking about how we all have our own ideas about what It means to be a "good" person and to live a "good" life, I couldn't help but to think about blood types. Blood itself is...

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I have a gypsy soul. There is nothing that I own, And I travel knowing this isn't my home. I never know what tomorrow will bring, But that is why my soul will sing. For in his will, I know I will be Forever safe, secure, and free.   I walk on roads paved with stone. And sometimes I walk it all alone. Over mountains and  bitter cold, It isn't for the faint of heart to...

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my name is blank on chalkboard

Its the first thing we are given when we are born, and its the first thing we are defined by.  Many times we are given our names because someone else with that name possessed some quality or qualities that our parents admired and wanted to associate us with them.  Our last names are even more defining because we usually have a general judgement about a...

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